Day 1 - Introduction and Extra ResourcesThe Open Classroom
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This may come as a surprise, but every learner is different. As such, every learner will deal with the "constant change" of technology and the integration of social media in a different way. This course is not "going" anywhere - and I will be on twitter for awhile. So go through each day at your own pace. The goal is to take what you need out of this course, and to come back to it when you need resources and support. That's what Open Learning is all about!
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Resources:This is a video about the Degrees of Connectedness by Rodd Lucier and friends. The video speaks about connected educators and helps you start on your own journey. Don't worry, it's just an introduction, we will not be getting into all the examples in the video. The objective of the video is to give you examples of why you would consider an open classroom.

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How to Start on Twitter Click HERE#etmooc Educators and Twitter Webinar Click HEREList of Best Twitter Tools HERE (It can be overwhelming without some curation ideas)The importance of Twitter chats - #kinderchat perspectiveHow to Join a Google Community Click HEREGoogle Community Support Click HEREYour Online Self - A wiki to help with open online courses Click HEREYou Don't Know What You Don't Know - A. Akune Click HERE
Paradigm Shift Explanation:Sir Ken Robinson - RSA Animate - Changing Educational Paradigms Click HEREGreat "Think Outside the Box" Bloggers: Click HERE

Use can use this infographic to self reflect as you go through the degrees of Connected Learning. It goes into detail about the examples that you heard about in the video.

Seven Degrees of ConnectedNess.jpg

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