Day 3 - CollaborateThe Open Classroom

Charlie speaks about the vulnerability that humans feel when we take the first steps to collaborate with an audience in an open online community.

We are asking our students to consider blogging, wikis and interacting in open environments - but it can be very scary to take that first step. Do you worry about others are thinking about you?

Today is about taking a huge risk and collaborating with others. The person on the other end - is human. Today you are going to focus on collaborating and connection with someone in one of the open learning environments you joined or explored yesterday. You can do it!

The key to collaboration is:*People have to be able to comment or respond to your work*Here's one reply to Charlie, there are others below in the resources.

What are some ways that you can Collaborate and Connect with other human beings? How are you going to be vulnerable and take the plunge into the unknown?

  • Start to link posts and answer the people you follow on twitter. Create a Storify about your conversation and tweet the link.
  • Reply to people’s blogs, twitter questions and in discussion posts in open educational communities
  • Think about your Digital Identity Online – and how to help and support others
  • Participate in open projects like Flat Classroom or collaborate with another class on skype or on a blog/Wiki
  • Other Examples:
Voicethreads - Research
Voicethreads - Examples
#BeyondFacebook12 Example for Storify
Student2.0 - #DigiFoot12 Group
Student Collaboration and Vulnerbility - Huffington Post Article
Responses to Charlie's Video:Click HERE

  • Reply to or interact with someone in an online community
  • Twitter chat: 7 pm PST -Meet in Twitter
  • Search for [[#|#ceetopen]] and follow the chat
  • Write a tweet and tweet it using the [[#|#ceetopen]] hashtag
  • Reply to someone else's tweet
  • Consider telling the Creating an Open Classroom Google Community about your experience

For a GROUP challenge: Please check out this activity:
Let's Make a Movie Together!