Day 7 - Next StepsThe Open Classroom
What could learning look like?

Connected Learning: 'ESSENCE' from DML Research Hub on Vimeo.

You are on your way....

Dr. Seuss' Oh! The Places That You Will Go! summarizes your next phase so well.
"Today is your day. The mountain is waiting. So get on your day!" (Suess,1990)
The point of the story is that the next phase is not going to be easy. If you ever feel like you need to connect - please consider following me on twitter @verenanz, or I encourage you to connect with some of the participants in this course or people you met on your own journey. The only way to break down the classroom walls and to become an open learner is to work collaboratively.
Activity:How are you going to integrate open learning into your learning environment?How do I start? Bryan Jackson's Blog Post on Sharing Classroom PracticeBonnie Stewart's Blog Post on Learning in the Open: Networked Student IdentitiesStorify on How to Create Open Learning Environments....PD strategy Click HEREParticipate in an unconference Click HEREParent Connection Click HEREDIY - "Makers and Tinkerers" Click HEREWeb Remix Mozilla WebMaker Click HERETechnology Integration Ideas that Work HEREIT PD Research: UofC
Motivating Keynote by Ken Shelton: Digital TLC: Teaching, Learning and Creating in the Digital AgeHackathons Click HERE."Physical" Learning Environments Click HEREDisconnect? By George Couros Click HERE
Possible projects:
1) Plan to integrate open learning in your learning environment and tell the world about it.

2) Adding to the Original #CEETopen Open Practices Course by Dr. Val Irvine, November 2012

3) Join more Open Online Courses/Webinars

4) Consider creating an open online course - please collaborate with me?One idea:I'm looking to collaborate with a group of cohorts in one subject area. Maybe English 10? Maybe Digital Literacy? We create one "common" OER content base for resources, but work in projects and network throughout the semester. Something like Kaleidoscope

Version 2 of #befa12 is coming in April 2013. If your High Students would like to participate, please contact me directly.

Activity :
What are YOUR Future Steps?
Tweet about or add your reflections to the Creating an open Classroom Community.

Thank you for participating in this learning journey, please contact me:
Through email: Verena Roberts
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